Addie and Matt

Addie and Matt | Septemeber 18, 2010 | Nestle – Camp Korey – Carnation, WA

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Photography by: Joey Nicole Photography

Magical is the word I would use to describe this wedding!  The bride’s family is closer than close, but the love they have for each other – and the love Addie and Matt share – was what made this wedding so intimate, romantic, and serene.  The bride’s brother officiated while her sister was her maid of honor.  Both said the nicest things to Addie during their toasts.

September 18 was an “iffy” day weather wise.  The day before had been rainy, but the skies cleared and it looked like we might be able to go ahead with Plan A.  When it was time to make that decision, Addie went ahead with an outdoor ceremony as that had been her dream when she booked Camp Korey.  The guests put up their umbrellas and no one seemed to care about being a little wet as the warmth of the ceremony made everyone comfortable.  Two factors made this decision to be married outdoors special:  on Thursday, the deer had gotten into the Rose Garden and eaten all of the roses, and a fine rain began to fall just as we were lining up for the processional.  The guests agreed to stay outdoors and Addie had the biggest smile on her face as she processed down the aisle with her Dad holding the umbrella.

The Hippodrome was unbelievably beautiful with draping and lots of candlelight.  While the guests were enjoying cocktails and dinner inside the Hippodrome, the rain was falling outside.  It just felt like magic!

There’s an old Indian adage that says it is good luck to have rain on your wedding day.  The reason for that is because love is like a knot, and a knot that is wet is harder to pull apart than if it were dry.  Based on this, Matt and Addie should have a lifetime together!

What a great couple, great wedding, and great atmosphere!  It doesn’t get much better than this!

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