Brittany and Ben | July 9, 2011 | Aquarium – Seattle, WA

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This wedding is hard to put into a few words. There were so many meaningful parts to the ceremony, fun touches at the reception, and one of the prettiest backdrops of all the Seattle venues.

The day started with hair and makeup for the bridesmaids and virtual golf for the groomsmen at Hotel 1000. Then they were shuttled off in a Party Bus to Pioneer Square and the Sculpture Park for off-site photos. The weather was beautiful so we were able to hold the ceremony on the dock, cocktail outside as well, and then go into the Great Hall for the dinner and reception.

I was particularly impressed with a couple of things I hadn’t seen before at a ceremony. At the beginning of the ceremony, the officiant had one of the groomsmen pass two engraved stones to the guests who were instructed to hold them and infuse them with their well wishes and blessings for the bride and groom in their new life together and pass them from person to person. During the exchange of rings, the bride and groom asked their parents to present the rings to them in the hope that their marriage would be as long lasting as their parents. At the end of the ring exchange, the officiant asked the groomsman to retrieve the stones from the guests. Brittany and Ben then moved to the water’s edge and cast them into Puget Sound, signifying the ripples extended out from the stones would entwine their love and grow in the years to come, bringing more love into the world we live in. Ben’s grandfather was their reader and Ben and Brittany spoke directly to the guests and read letters to each other. What a touching ceremony!

The reception totally shifted gears and the fun began. In addition to a beautifully up-lit room in front of the fish tank, the plated dinner was scrumptious, the signature cocktail was a hit, and the heritage slide show was filled with memories for many of the guests.

When it was time to cut the cake, the bride and groom had a small cake to cut and then personally brought it to Brittany’s mother who loves cake. The rest of the guests were treated to ice cream sandwiches. The Father/Daughter dance was one of the best of all time, followed by a family dance from the Groom’s side, followed by the Horah for everyone! A sparkler sendoff ended the evening for this bride and groom.

I was privileged to work with both families on this wedding. What a great group of people!! Ben and Brittany can’t help but have a terrific marriage if their parents’ lives have rubbed off on them!


Brittany and Ben: We wanted to extend our most grateful “thank you” for all that you did to make our wedding the most incredible day for both of us. We are still smiling and are just ecstatic at how the whole event turned out. You truly were a pivotal part to making our wedding a success and we can’t thank you enough! Going out of your way and above and beyond was a regular occurrence with you and almost came to be expected! Your expertise really helped make this a flawless (in our eyes) celebration!

Parents of Bride: We wanted to thank you for your tireless effort and coordination of the wedding. This was Britt’s dream wedding and you made it happen … flawlessly. You are incredible! We have gotten so many emails and calls about that miracle of a night. Everyone, and I mean everyone, had a fantastic time. One friend said that he looked around and all he saw were smiles – all night long. So fun!! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Mother of the Groom: Still marveling at the multitude of your talents! You have near as much memory as a computer chip and energy to match a whirling dervish. Seriously, thank you for your guidance on our family’s wedding journey – we are overjoyed! Your expertise was instrumental in helping create a thoughtful, meaningful and personal experience for this life event. We take with us a GOLDEN memory. Not to be forgotten – thank you for giving me permission to … breathe …

Videographer: Thanks for all the hard work to make sure not only the day itself went off without a hitch, but that we got everything we wanted/needed to get. Means a lot! I’ll make sure to let Brittany and Ben know after they get the final film that you were one of the main reasons that we were able to get so much and that all of our footage looked so good. So … thank you, Merry Beth, from the bottom of my heart. The wedding was far better than even you described. You truly out did yourself; you should be very proud!

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