Kimberly and Dave | August 20, 2011 | Four Seasons Hotel – Seattle, WA

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This wedding was the crème-de-la-crème of all weddings! Kimberly was a bride all wedding coordinators dream of!! Her style, attention to detail, and ability to think of everything and leave no stone unturned was truly refreshing, unusual, and fun to be a part of.

The “paper” collateral for this wedding alone was stunning and over the top. The invitations and table numbers were done in Lucite. She had signs with her logo everywhere – including a gobo shining on the wall as you walked up the staircase. Each table was named for a destination where Kim and Dave had vacationed and there were photos of them in each of these cities as part of the centerpieces. There were coasters, hand-made pillows in the lounge, signature drinks cards, cocktail napkins, menu cards, programs, and lots of specialty signage.

There were cookie favors with a photo of where the Groom had proposed, flip flops for dancing, a scrapbooking table, nanny service, photobooth, espresso cart, up-lighting, and an ice bar.

One of the most unique ideas I have ever seen was done by the Groom. He personally thought up a signature drink for every guest with a funny phrase as to why he chose that drink. These cards doubled as place cards and were tucked into each napkin. He then had about six leather-bound books made (to look like restaurant menus) and these were placed on the bistro tables near the bars so each guest could read everyone else’s “drink” and the explanation of same. Very thoughtful, very time-consuming, and something that was truly enjoyed by all!

The day began at 9:30 with hair and makeup for the bridesmaids and an early lunch for the groomsmen. A shuttle was ready to pick up the bridal party for off-site photos at the University of Washington campus and then arrived at the Four Seasons around 4:15 p.m. There was a special rose presentation during the ceremony.

After the ceremony, the bride and groom took a few moments to catch their breath and have their first glass of champagne as husband and wife before joining their guests for cocktails.

The ballroom was transformed from the wedding ceremony to the wedding reception. The up-lighting infused the room with romance and the guests were treated to a beautifully-presented plated dinner. The ceremonial dances were interspersed during courses.

Toward the end of the evening, a chocolate fountain was opened, late night snacks were served, and the espresso cart was available.

What a spectacular wedding! As I said, no detail was left undone. Kim absolutely outdid herself with anticipating each guest’s needs. This was a wedding that will be remembered for many years!



Kimberly and Dave: Merry Beth was not just our wedding planner for the past 14 months, she was our friend, my part-time counselor (stressed about anything? She wanted to know!), and the person I turned to if I couldn’t get a hold of any vendor. She has been planning weddings for years, and has plenty of experience doing all types – from large galas to intimate outdoorsy weddings. She bills hourly, so you can use her as much or as little as you’d like, and she will be 100% honest with you when you have a bad idea, a difficult-to-execute idea, or if you’re talking to a vendor that she hasn’t had good experiences with (which is invaluable given that this is a one-time shot thing). She’s quick to answer any question you have and really willing to do anything she can to help – no task is too big or too small (she offered to deliver my goody bags for out-of-town guests when I was busy). To say she is thorough is an understatement – she’s the most detail-oriented person I know! She put together a comprehensive day-of timeline, and the day of executed to perfection! I never once had to worry about a vendor delivery, a set-up question, or anything else, and I knew that EVERYTHING would go smoothly from start to finish. It was absolutely perfect because of Merry Beth’s help and her watchful eye!

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